SunQuest® SL300

Skandia’s SunQuest® SL300 Vinyl Shutter is simply stunning. Skandia has sourced the best material for manufacturing its state-of-the-art vinyl shutter line. When the best materials are combined with Skandia s American craftsmanship the results are top-of-the-line.

The SL300 consists of a solid cellular PVC that is an excellent insulator, waterproof and self-extinguishing. Not only rot-proof but also termite-proof. It is extruded with a cel-luca finish that resists dings and scratches saving you costly repairs. It is virtually maintenance-free, and cleaning is a breeze with a pop-out design. The SL300 vinyl is waterproof making it a great fit for kitchens, bathrooms, or other high-humidity areas. They’re also manufactured with additional insulation to help reduce your heating and air conditioning costs, while also limiting outside noise. All panels are made with stainless steel staples that are free from rust and corrosion. Staples also feature a self-gluing capability ensuring secure attachment during manufacturing. Chose the option of placing the divider rails to your specifications with little-to-no migration to keep a uniform look throughout your home. SunQuest® SL300 Shutters are made from almost entirely recycled material and are proudly engineered and extruded in the USA. We’re certain that SunQuest® SL300 Shutters will shed light into your families home and that’s why we provide your SL300 Shutters with a 10-year limited warranty in-case accidents arise.

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