Skandia’s shutter collection features new hollow and solid vinyl shutters as well as premium wood shutters. The collection provides endless versatility for your new shutters to be the perfect selection for your interior windows, sliding glass doors, french doors, closet doors, and arches. Skandia shutters use innovative cord-free solutions reducing the risk of playful children getting tangled when playing indoors. Safely keeping your kids free from harm. Customize your new shutters to perfection with numerous frame options including a front or hidden tilt bar.

Install a Bi-Fold System that allows your shutter panels to be folded into each other, perfect for closet doors.

A By-Pass System allowing you to slide one panel horizontally past another leaving one side entirely exposed or covering your entire window by sliding each individual shutter to either side.

Install Double-Hung Shutters to stack your panels on top of another and operate them independently letting you exposing one half of your window while keeping the other half closed

Design your shutters in any system with a beautiful selection of woods, faux woods, and vinyl.

Order your shutters in various models!

Skandia’s EX100

Skandia’s SL200

Skandia’s SL300

Skandia’s LX400